SW Kyiv Team demo list!


Here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Kyiv 03/2013. Interested in watching the pitches? Buy a $10 demo ticket at the door. Hope to see you there!
Final Reminder for teams: Fill Out Team Survey If You Want To Present.(survey.startupweekend.org).

1. SkillsBoom
Professional portfolio for students.

2. 52Trips
Crowd-sourcing for personalizing trips.

3. 2YourTaste
Rating of dishes.

4. MeetIt
Offline events oriented social network.

5. HateMe
Service that allows to unlike stuff.

6. GoodByStock
Service to sale leftover goods.

7. PlugMee
Connect any things to network.

Social platform for volunteers to find events where they can contribute.

9. DealBySize
Deals for optimal size and prize.

10. ShareHour
Couchsurfing emotions for freelancers.

11. ExMark

ExMark is a project that allows parents monitor attendance and the level of excellence of their children. It also allows students have a better and easier way of checking up on their current tasks, tasks that are due and optimize overall studying experience

12. SuggestersEducation
Give the people opportunity to share knowledge. Let the people educate themselves.

13. HPC AppStore
AppStore and data processing of high load applications.

14. BackToSchool
Educational events in entrepreneurship for high school students.

15. AffordableArt
Smooth way to decorate your space with visual arts.

SW Kyiv Team